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My goal is to collaborate and to perfect your content while preserving your voice.


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Your Book, Solved.

Editing a book is like solving a mystery; call me your detective. I take a magnifying glass to your manuscript to search for clues: organizational issues, grammatical errors, dialogue problems, and tense inconsistencies. I compile the evidence, then offer solutions to optimize your writing.

Case closed.  

Hi, I'm Kitty!​

Congratulations on starting your project! You've made it this far; let me help with the gory bits of editing to ensure your vision comes to fruition. Whether you're writing your debut novel, writing your fifth novel, or not sure where to start, I can help guide your narrative.


While I enjoy editing just about every genre, some of my fiction favorites include crime, mystery, horror, and suspenseful romance. Additionally, I specialize in true crime and memoir.

For a full list of genres that I edit (and those that I don't), check out my 

About Me page.

now scheduling for december 2022

+ one last spot in november

I typically book two months in advance. Nearly done with your manuscript? Contact me today to secure a spot in my schedule.


My services at a glance...

  • Developmental Editing

  • Copyediting

  • Line Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Manuscript Critiques

  • Query Letters, Synopses, & Author Bios

  • Professional Beta Reading

  • Authenticity Reading

  • Content Writing

  • Bundle & Save with Packages!


Nonfiction Books

Blog Posts

Website Content

Pamphlets & Brochures



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Sample Edit & Quote

As you flip through my services, you'll notice I post suggested rates. That's because before sending a quote for any editing project, I collaborate with potential clients and evaluate several pages of a manuscript to note the appropriate level of editing needed.

I provide complimentary sample edits for copyediting and line editing services. 

For more information, view my Contact page.

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Begin Work

After the initial sample edit and quote, I outline specific services that will enhance or improve the quality of your manuscript, depending on its needs and problem areas.


If a client agrees with my editing style and wishes to move forward with the proposal, I deliver a contract for the work and you will pay a small deposit to secure a spot in my schedule. 

For more details on this process, view my  FAQ  page.

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Deliver Project 

Depending on the type of services needed, you will receive your deliverables in the form of tracked changes and comments in a Word doc, or a detailed editorial letter, as well as a style sheet for authors, publishers, and agencies in your publishing journey.

For more details on this process, view my Editorial Process page.

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