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Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item
Editing FAQ item

How long will it take?

Turnaround depends on the size of the project, the genre, and my current workload. Editing takes time, especially high-quality, thorough editing. It's like that saying, "Cheap, fast, and good: pick two."


Depending on my schedule, I may be able to accommodate quick-turnover projects with a rush fee between 25% and 50%.

I'm not sure what service(s) I need. Can you help me choose?

Of course! Please see my handy-dandy comparison chart for help or email me

How does payment work?

I issue invoices through Wave, which accepts debit, credit, and direct bank transfers. I do not accept American Express.

Once we agree to work together, you'll pay a nonrefundable $50 deposit to secure a spot in my schedule. If the deposit isn't paid within 48 hours of signing the proposal, the client forfeits the calendar slot and will take the next available slot.


For more payment info, and for a glimpse into the editorial process of each service, see here.

I send you my project and you make it perfect, right?

As much as every editor wishes this were true, the reality is that humans are not perfect. I do my absolute best to achieve perfection, but I don't guarantee it. Additionally, it is up to you as the author to apply the changes and correct the issues I flag. Editors don't rewrite for you; we simply offer suggestions for improvement.

What if I don't agree with one of your edits?

This is bound to happen! You've written something very close to you and we may disagree on certain changes. Our process should be collaborative; that's why I include an "author revision" round and follow-up time with all proofreading, copyediting, line editing, and full developmental editing services so that you can ask questions. I will also be available for email support as you work through the edits.


I'm more than happy to walk you through my reasoning and how I believe the change will strengthen the text, but it's ultimately your choice. Editing is not about running a red pen through your work for fun. I'm here to bring knowledge to the table so you can make an insightful decision.

My book has sex, violence, profanity, gory details, dark themes, etc. Will you still edit it?


Absolutely! Er, probably. My friends say I'm weird, but . . . the ghastlier the better! I do have a background in criminology, after all.

But (there's always a but), even I have limits. For a list of things I don't and won't edit, please see my About page.

Can you help me publish my book?



I'm here to guide you on the self-publishing journey (part of it, anyway), but if you're looking for someone to publish your book for you, you'll need to seek out a traditional publisher. If you're going the independent route, I'm more than happy to provide you with referrals for formatters, cover designers, indexers, literary attorneys, and permissions editors. Heck, I'll even throw in a complimentary copyright page template. I also assist in editing and writing front and back matter, book blurbs, query letters, and synopses. I will not, however, market or promote your book.

What tools and resources do you use to edit?

  • Microsoft Word Track Changes

  • Adobe Acrobat (proofreading only)

  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed.

  • American Psychological Association Publication Manual

  • Yahoo! Style Guide

  • Associated Press Stylebook

  • Words into Type by Marjorie E. Skillin & Robert Malcolm Gay

  • Garner's Modern English Usage by Bryan A. Garner

  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.

  • Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

  • The Copyeditor's Handbook by Amy Einsohn

  • A whole bunch of grammar and writing resources I've accumulated over the years

Who retains copyright of the edited material?

The client. Any writing or editing is carried out as a service for which you pay. I have no rights to the final, edited text once payment is made in full.

What about confidentiality?

I don’t discuss client projects outside the business (it's in my contract). Should you wish, I will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). 

Do I have to acknowledge your contribution to my book?

Nope! But if you'd like to, please let me know prepublishing.

How do you calculate your rates?

When I calculate my rates, I consider multiple factors: word count, the level of work required (e.g., light edit versus a heavy edit), genre, specific requests, reference-editing requirements, style requirements, and the complexity of extra elements such as tables and illustrations.


For a customized quote, please fill out my form here. If you are requesting copyediting or line editing services, I will provide you with a free sample edit. My rates are in line with the EFA's editorial rates.


I'm new to this process. What's a style sheet?

A style sheet is used by various people in your publishing process—such as the copyeditor and proofreader—and records decisions about things like hyphenation, numbering, capitalization, spelling variation, and punctuation style so that there's consistency to your writing.


For any copyediting or line editing service, I create a style sheet specific to your project that you can pass along to others in your publishing journey.

What do you not do?

I do not provide layout, formatting, indexing, cover design, permissions, or marketing and promotion services. While mild fact-checking is included in copyediting, extensive research and fact-checking is beyond the scope of work (though we can discuss adding it for a fee).

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