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Books, Essays, Web Content, Promo Materials

Whether you need help tweaking a true crime book, finding your voice in your memoir, perfecting a marketing piece, or writing a self-help or how-to article, professional editing will help convey your intended meaning to your target audience. Please select one of my services below or contact me with your ideas.


This service includes traditional copyediting, or "language only" editing. With a focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, this service ensures your writing is clear and effective.

Line Editing

Concerns itself with questions of style; for example, deep fact-checking, and suggestions for flow, structure, and rephrasing awkward passages. Includes copyediting.


Once your manuscript has been copyedited and formatted, it needs a once-over to check for any residual errors from the editing phases, or any new errors introduced during formatting.

Not Sure?

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Developmental Editing

For those in the early or middle stages of their nonfiction writing, this service looks at the outline of your manuscript and gives suggestions for content, thesis revisions, and reorganization. 

Manuscript Critique

You have the first draft of a book, but you feel stuck. Is my setting developed? My pacing on the right path? Is this marketed toward the right audience?


I'm available for ghostwriting memoirs. Pricing is set at $0.18 per word. Contact me about your story!


Packages: For authors wanting to invest in multiple services, I offer packages at a discounted rate.

Returning Clients: I offer a 10% discount for returning clients. 

Referral Discount: For every successful referral, you get 10% off your next investment from me. You can get an infinite number of referrals! Just tell your friends to mention your name when they contact me for services.

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