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Being an author can be tough, whether you're plagued by writer's block or too close to a rough draft you've edited over and over...

Self-publishing is another beast entirely. You put your heart, time, and effort into something, and now you have to hope all those hours of writing (the late nights, the burnt dinners, the existential staring at your laptop screen) will pay off with positive reader reception.

Professional editing can help your manuscript gain clarity and precision so your vision can go from draft to publication-ready. You may be in the early stages of writing, or you may already be researching cover designers and just need a second pair of eyes to do some manuscript cleanup—there's no one-size-fits-all edit, so I provide you with options and resources to make sure we get your book to exactly where you want it. I don't just like to "help" your manuscript; I want to guide you through my editorial decisions so that you leave here with the tools to be the best writer you can be.

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